Adatour Media Player


Information and entertainment systems developed for buses and VIP buses.Passenger can watch movies,listen to music, access to the internet and track arrival information with navigation on the android environment that 10.1 inches, 1080P and 720P FULL HD resolution touchscreen.



  • Android Operating System
  • Multi Language Option
  • High resolution video playback from USB
  • Fast Charging of any phone and tablet from the USB port
  • Smooth playback of movies and TV channels- fast forward and rewind
  • 3G (optionally 4.5G) Internet Access & Wi-Fi Access Point Support with internet service
  • Location tracking and information on the map with Internet
  • Rich Game Option and Mutual Play
  • Real Time Road Camera
  • Dynamic Catering Menu
  • Media Content Control For Child Passenger
  • Brightness and Angle Adjustable LED Book Reading Light
  • 10.1 inch Digital TFT-LCD display - 24 bit (16M) color
  • Multi-Touch capacitive Screen
  • Shock and Break-resistant Display through a transparent polycarbonate front protection plate
  • Easy Replaceable USB and Headphone Modules
  • Internal microphone, 2.0 ve 2 pieces independent 3.5mm stereo headphone outputs
  • Quick Changeable Hinged Media Player Mechanism with Special Apparatus.
  • Fireproof and Impact Resistan Plastic Material Usage

SERVER BOX: it is the device that performs server operations of the infotainment system.Mounted on the luggage unit.The entire system's information flow, power requirement, and management are handled byt this component. Server box provides the connection to the media player devices in bus with 8 seperate ports where power and buses are output.

  • Internal Tracking the Bus system over Server Box
  • Remotetly update media content such as TV channel, movies,musics.
  • Enhanced audio and video inputs without the need for extra converter can be connected to road cameras and digitürk
  • Electronic overcurrent and short circuit protection at power outputs
  • Internet access for passenger over Wi-Fi (without external modem)
  • Automatic update of software and content from the Internet
  • 50% lower power consumption compared to its peers (Maks. 20 watt)
  • Small and modular Design
  • Built-in 3G (optional 4.5G) internet modem on server(No external modem connection required)
  • Local,manual/automatic, remote monitoring and control of all currents and voltages(for knowing, reporting and protecting battery charge status)
  • General access to unwanted websites or seat-based restriction, to put internet quota
  • High-quality reception of TV broadcast digitally instead of analog.

TAP BOX: it is a device used for dual seat group and provides power and data connection to the media players that located behind both has an 8 ports ethernet switch, power distribution, protection and secure connection connectors. Slim desing allows easy installation. On night trips, the status LEDs can be switched on and off with the tiny switch

  • 8 ports 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet switch
  • Electronic overcurrent and short circuit protection at power outputs
  • 50% lower power consumption compared to its peers
  • Design and optimization for easy and quick installation.
  • Small and modular design

After Sales Management: The new generation information and entertainment system communicate with the remote monitoring and management system through the 3G communicaiton infrastructure within server. In this way; situations that may interfere with the operation of the system cam be observed instantly, these situations transmitted to management center as minor and major alarms. In this way, after-sales services of the system are carried out effectively.

Advertising & Survey Management: With Ad management, Advertising providers can dynamically load the advertisements they have prepared for the information entertainment systems of the vehicles they choose with the ad management program remotely via 3G The specific region, Specific company or busses operating in a certain sector can be grouped for different ad flow purposes. Nowadays, with the need for quick and accurate decisions, advertising providers can reach a large number of people in the most economical way in the shortest time without using an interviewer with Infotainment Survey Management.

Location Information Management: The new generation infotainment system can keep the vehicle location information instantly through the GPS technology in the server. Bus companies can monitor their vehicles instantly and manage their arrival times. Through this system, relatives of passenger can benefit from this service