Research & Developement

ADAM ELEKTRONIK has been designing innovative and creative products with its qualified R&D capabilities, know-how and technological base since 1986.

Founded with 100% domestic capital, ADAM ELEKTRONIK develops competitive and unique projects in its area with its experienced and qualified engineer staff.

Industrial products with various microprocessor-based and communication infrastructure, especially INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS, BUS TICKETING VALIDATORS and VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS, constitute the main design areas.

Capabilities and Technologies

Cellular Access : GSM Network Gateways (FCT), GPRS & 3G solutions

Remote data communication and management

GPS based devices and vehicle tracking systems

ADSL, SDSL, HDSL modem & technologies

VoIP solutions

POS Network Solutions

POS Access Concentrators

Transportation RFID payment systems

Energy Saving Systems

Embedded Operating Systems

Embedded Linux Os Solutions

Voice & data communication, network technologies, modem systems, ISDN

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Compatitive Advantages

36 Years of Know-How
Experienced R & D Manpower
Strong R & D Facilities
Innovative Thinking
Success in Solution