About Us

About Us

ADAM ELEKTRONIK has been developing and producing original, innovative, and creative products in the areas of advanced electronics data, audio, and video communication since 1986.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK is one of the leading companies in the electronics industry through its technological base and know-how, unique products it has developed, high-capacity electronic production ability, and effective sales and marketing activities.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK designs high-tech products by focusing on research and development activities in the electronics industry and manufactures them with its SMT production lines and equipment in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK, which is the market leader in its area, has an important role in the development of the country through closely following the technological developments in the world and developing low-cost original products suitable for our own country conditions.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK has developed and produced various microprocessor-based and communication-based industrial automation systems, especially INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS, BUS TICKETING VALIDATORS and VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS for operators, banks, municipalities, and vehicle manufacturers.


1986 Adalink 1200 Modem Launched to the Market
1990 Adalink 2400/2496/144/288 Modems for Nortel
Power Management System (PMS) Modems for Siemens
Alcatel telephone exchanges
1994 Adanet62 PBX Telephone Exchanges
1996 Traffic Signaling Communications Modems for Siemens
Lottary Rack Modem Systems
1997 Rural Area Central Maintenance System Modems for whole Turkey / Nortel
1998 Missile Control, Radar Monitoring and
Track Transfer Systems for Turkish Air Forces and NAMSA/NATO
1999 Airspace Control Automation Softwares for Turkish Air Forces and NAMSA/NATO
TURPAK Rack Modem Systems for Turkish Telecom New Factory was Opened
2000 Online - ANTIFRAUD Systems for Preventing Illegal Pay Phone Line Using
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Works has been Completed
2001 ADACELL Fixed Cellular GSM Gateway
2002 POSTMAN Rack Concentrators for Yapı Kredi Bank
2003 LAN POS Concentrator Systems for Yapı Kredi Bank
2004 IGPS200+ Vehicle Tracking Equipment
2005 AdaWay (Media Gateway) solutions for Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt
2006 POS Concentrator and Modem Pools for Is Bank, Vakıf Bank and HSBC
2008 NaviComm3 Public Transportation Credit Card Payment Systems for Verifone
Contactless Card Payment Systems (Bus and turnstile version) for Istanbul Municipality
2009 Moved to New Manufacturing and R&D Area in GOSB-Teknopark
AdaNet 3G Wi-Fi Router for Mercedes-Benz Turk
2010 “Ekominik” Home Communicatian Equipment for Turkcell
2011 7” Infotaintment System for Merecedes-Benz Turk
2012 Public Transportation Card Payment Systems (Bus and turnstile version) for Bursa Municipality
2013 Lighter Vehicle Tracking and Shuttle Tracking Devices for Borusan Logistic and
Asset Tracking Devices for Turkcell and Motorized Magnetic Card Read/Write/Printing Mechanism
2014 Public Transportation Card Payment Systems (Bus and turnstile version) for Ankara Municipality
Entrance and Audience Control System for All Stadium over Turkish Football Federation
2015 8“ Adaplay Infotainment System with Remote Management Facilities
2016 Single/Multi Channel Radio Seat Unit for Mercedes-Benz Turk
2017 10” Media Player and The New Generation Bus Infotainment System called AdaTour
2018 Public Transportation Card Payment Systems (5” Mini and 7“ Lite version) and Bus Information Screens
2019 Public Transportation Card Payment Systems (Bus and turnstile version) for Izmir Municipality
2020 Public Transportation Card Payment Systems with QR Barcode Scanner
Standalone QR Barcode Scanner for Public Transportation
Standalone Bus Driver Control Panel
2021 Entrance and Audience Control System for Foreign Stadium (Middle East and Africa)



ADAM ELEKTRONIK's mission is to help its corporate customers reach their goals with innovative, creative, high-tech, low-cost products in the field of communication technologies and electronics.


  • to support continuously Research, Development, and Innovation by preserving its qualified R&D power and knowledge,
  • to improve continuously the processes that affect the quality of our products and services,
  • to ensure sustainable development in product and service quality,
  • to offer competitive prices with high capacity and high-quality mass production,
  • to increase profitability and quality with R&D potential by developing alternative economical design and component solutions,
  • to provide easy, fast, remote access maintenance and service opportunities, by considering service facilities during the product development phase,
  • to provide internal and external training continuously for the personnel to specialize in their own working area by considering Total Quality Management,
  • to create awareness in the own sector by innovative products and qualified services,

set as the target.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK has adopted the vision of being a world brand with its unique, innovative, creative, and economical products that are superior in terms of technology and quality for meeting the needs of its customers by using its knowledge and experience.