ADAM ELEKTRONIK carries out its qualified after-sales service activities at all service points with web-based After-Sales Management System effectively and traceable. During the warranty period, free maintenance and service is provided for all products manufactured by ADAM ELEKTRONIK, the manufacturer of INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS, BUS TICKETING VALIDATORS and VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS.

ADAM ELEKTRONIK provides repair and maintenance services free of charge for errors and malfunctions caused by shipment or production. For products that designed and produced entirely by ADAM ELEKTRONIK; fault detection and maintenance services are provided efficiently and swiftly by its knowledge and know-how. Product diagnostic tests and software updates can be made with remote access by the embedded 3G communication features in many of the produced products. In this way, situations that may disrupt the operation of the products can be observed instantly and sent to the management center as Minor or Major alarms. Service activities are carried out efficiently with the other service points by web-based After-Sales Management System.

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Web-based After Sales Managment System

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SMD Fine-Pitch Circuits Repair Tools

Product Diagnostic Tests with Ip-based Remote Access

Rework BGA, PQFP, TSOP Integrated Replacement Machines

Software Update with Ip-based Remote Access

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250 m2 Antistatic Floor
Climatic Enviroment
10kVA UPS Support
25kVA Generator Support
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