IGPS200+ Vehicle Tracking Device

IGPS200+ is a new generation of high accuracy GPS based intelligent vehicle tracking and automation system. The IGPS200+ can send information from the GPS, such as location, speed, altitude, to the information center using the GPRS network over the GSM network with programmable transmission frequencies (periodically, depending on speed and location). Alternatively, it provides data communication options via SMS or GSM modem. IGPS200+ can be remotely managed, changed settings, and even updated on the Internet. IGPS200+ is a high-reliability device designed with in-car conditions.

  • Small and light. Suitable for concealed installation.
  • Low power consumption. It does not run out of battery during longh parking times.Purpose-specific low power modes
  • Indoor GPS. High GPS signal sensitivity.Ability to work even in environments where similar products cannot work
  • Very fast repetition of tunnel and viaduct crossings.(under 3sec in most conditions)
  • Remote management and software update capability
  • Fully native design. Be open to project-specific software and hardware add-ons and modifications.
  • More input / output possibilities on IGPS200+.( 7 analog / digital inputs, 5 digitals outputs)
  • Device operating voltage range 9-32Vdc
  • Low power consumption. Under 100mA when GPS and GSM are active(with 12V supply)
  • Working temperature -25+60 C
  • Durable design suitable for in-car installation and outdoor conditions
  • Small and aesthetic. Dimensions 72 x 38 x 23 mm
  • 3 general-purpose inputs,1 output port
  • RS232 serial port
  • 2-3 hours de-energized operation with optional internal batterys
  • Remote monitring of battery voltage and internal battery voltage
  • Configurable server addresses
  • Adjustable position update frequency
  • Ability to query historical locations
  • Storing up to 8000 locations
  • Remote adjustment of all settings
  • Optional Input / Output Unit
  • Power supply recognition and reporting
  • Local configuration with advanced AT commands
  • Remote configuration with IP protocols
  • Remote software update via GPRS connecdtion and FTP protocol

General Features: The IGPS200+ is equipped with the latest, most advanced GPS chipset available on the market,SiRF III. It can produce GPS information even in closed areas (such as bridges,viaducts,tall buildings, etc.) where the satellite view is not open.

  • 20 channel satellite tracking capabiltiy
  • High GPS signal sensitivity. 150dBm in hot operation, -1432dBm in cold operation
  • <3mt accurate position information (with DGPS)
  • WAAS, DGPS support
  • SMA antenna connector, 5V GPS active antenna
  • Advanced antenna diagnostic features: Antenna open circuit, short circuit detection, and alarm functions
  • Ability to generate and send GPS position information in seconds

GSM Communication Features:

  • It is compatible with quad-band GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900Mhz networks.
  • GPRS Class 10 support
  • SMA Antenna connector
  • 3V SIM card
  • Supported communication protocols IP, TCP, UDP, PPP, FTP
  • SMS and GSM Modem as an alternative communication method to GPRS.In case of problems in GPRS, the position information can be transmitted to the server by the desired method.


Network EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, ETSI GSM Phase 2+ compatible with GSM 07.05 and 07.07
Antenna Int. or ext. GSM ant. (MCX connector, 50 Ohm)
Data Rate GPRS Class 10 ( Up to 4 RX - 2 TX )
SIM card 3V SIM card
External GPS antenna ( MCX connector)
Accuracy < 3m
Channel 48 channels and a-GPS capability
Start-up Hot 1,5 sec, warm 35 sec, cold 35 sec
Location update frequency <1 second
Antenna External antenna connector (MCX female)
Option AP2SM Active GPS Antenna
Güç Yönetimi:
Power Input 10-30VDC
Power consumption 2W maximum
Connector 14 pins male connector
Physical Properties:
Dimensions 68 x 50 x 21 mm
Weight 50 g
Input-Output 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs
Assembly Adjustable glass mounting part
SIM card slot 4 screw safe and hidden