Adam Group of Companies has been developing original products since 1986 with its qualified R&D capabilities, know-how, and technological infrastructure. Established with 100% domestic capital, Adam Group of Companies conducts all R & D activities with its own resources and has no technological ties with other domestic or foreign institutions.

And to keep pace rapidly developing technologies, to develop economic and functional products in competitive market conditions is possible thanks to the importance given to Research and Development activities.

R-D Capabilities and Technologies

Cellular Access : GSM Network Gateways (FCT), GPRS & 3G solutions

Remote data communication and management

GPS based devices and vehicle tracking systems

ADSL, SDSL, HDSL modem & technologies

VoIP solutions

POS Network Solutions

POS Access Concentrators

Transportation RFID payment systems

Energy Saving Systems

Embedded Operating Systems

Embedded Linux Os Solutions

Voice & data communication, network technologies, modem systems, ISDN

Development & Production

It conducts all R & D activities with its own resources and does not have any technological connection with other domestic or foreign organizations.


Customer Requests

Market Research

Product Features

Material Research

Cost Analysis


Product Design Features

Hardware & Software Development

CAD & CAM Design

Prototype Production

Field Tests




Test Systems


Production Preparation

Prodution Approval

Mass Production

Sales, Distribution

After Sales Services

Client Carousel

Compatitive Advantages

31 Years of Know-How
Experienced R & D Manpower
Strong R & D Facilities
Innovative Thinking
Success in Solution