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ADAM  was established in 1986 to develop original, innovative and creative products. ADAM is one of the leading electronics companies with its technological infrastructure, developed original products, know-how, high-capacity electronic production facilities and effective sales & marketing activities.

Adam Group consists of three companies (Adam Elektronik, Adam Arge and Adam Telekom) with total of 60 employees (15 engineers) having high technology R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

ADAM Group is producing various electronics and communications systems for the Turkish and European market with qualified manpower.

ADAM Group has been developing the GSM/GPRS/GPS based products, banking solutions, Validator systems, VOD/MOD Infotainment systems and military communication systems.

Adam Group has high capacity electronic manufacturing facilities based on SMT (surface mount technologies) with ISO9001:2008 quality standards in TURKEY. QMS enable us to satisfy customer needs and ensure prompt on-time delivery.