About Us

Adam Group of Companies consisting of Adam Electronic and Adam R-D, It has been developing and producing original, innovative and creative products in the fields of advanced technological data, voice and video communication since 1986 with 15 engineers and 60 employees.

Adam Group of Companies has become a pioneer in the field of electronics with its technological infrastructure, original products developed, know-how, high capacity electronic production facilities and effective sales and marketing activities.

Adam Group of Companies, based in the electronics industry, which imports a large majority of high-tech products, giving importance to research and development activities in Turkey has proved can be designed and produced.

Adam Group of Companies, the market leader in its field, by closely following technological developments in the world, it plays an important role in the development of the country by producing low-cost original that is suitable for the conditions of the country.

Adam Group of Companies has developed and produced various modem communication systems for the telecom market, tailor-made solutions for the finance and baking sector, vehicle tracking systems, commercial products for the consumer market and air force.


1986 Adalink 1200 Modem is introduced to the market
1990 -1994 Adalink 2400/2496/144/288 modems Nortel
Power Management System (PMS) Modems for Siemens and Alcatel 
Adanet62 PBX telephone exchange
1996 Traffic Signaling Communication modems for Siemens
Digital Lotto Rack Modem systems for National Lottery
1997 Remote management system used in Turkey for all Nortel (KAMBS) modems
1998 Missile Control for Turkish Air Force and NAMSA / NATO
Radar Tracking and Tracing Systems
1999 Airspace control automation software for Turkish Air Force and NAMSA / NATO
URPAK Rack Modem Systems for Türk Telekom
Adam Electronic moved to its new production facilities.
2000 Online-ANTIFRAUD systems to prevent the use of leakage line telephones
ISO 9000:2000 Quality System certification work has been completed.
2001 ADACELL Fixed GSM Terminal
2002 POSTMAN for Yapı Kredi Bank
POS Management Systems
2003 LAN POS Concentrator Systems for Yapı Kredi Bank
2004 IGPS200+ Vehicle Tracking Device
2005 AdaWay (Media Gateway) solutions for Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt
2006 POS Concentrator and modem pools for İş Bank, Vakıf Bank, HSBC
2008 NaviCommm3 Public Transport Credit card payment systems for Verifone and BankAsya
Contactless card reading payment systems for IETT, Public Buses, Metro Transportation Turnstiles (Validator)
2009 Moved to new production and R &D facility in GOSB-TEKNOPARK
AdaNet 3G Wi-Fi Router Device for Mercedes
2010 AdaCell smart SmartBox Home Communication Device
2011 Mercedes-Benz Infotainment System
Public Transportation Payment Systems for E-Kent Bursa (Validator)

Lighter Vehicle Tracking Device for Borusan Lojistik
Borusan Logistics Expedition Tracking Device

Turkcell Package/ Cargo Tracking Device

2013 Batch Control System for Turkey Football Federation Stadium
Public Transportation Payment Systems for E-Kent Ankara (Validator)
2014 Adaplay Infotainment System
Single/Multi Channel Radio for Mercedes-Benz
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Adam Group of Companies, technological developments and innovations closely following the conditions of the country, producing low-cost original products is committed to missioning to the development of the country itself. Adam Group of Companies,

  • To continuously improve the processes that affect the quality of our products and services,
  • Ensuring sustainable development in product and service quality,
  • To compete by decreasing sales prices with high capacity and high-quality mass production, 
  • To increase profitability and quality by developing the alternative economic design and component solutions with R & D potential, 
  • Considering the facilities and service facilities during the product development stage; provide easy, fast, remote access maintenance and service facilities
  • To continuously provide internal and external training for the personnel to specialize in their own fields within the framework of Total Quality Philosophy,
  • To raise awareness in the sector with the products it produces and the services it provides, has set itself as a target

Adam Group of Companies, using the know-how and experience to meet the needs of its customers in terms of technology and quality superior, unique, innovative, creative and economic products with a vision to become a world brand


Our Business Partners in Automotive Sector, Banks, Telecom and Military