Turkcell Ekominik

Ekominik that enables economic calls over the GSM network by means of an economical, wired or wireless home telephone.With Ekominik, the home phone becomes more useful, while communication costs are also greatly saved. Ekominik provides added value in security and automation for both home and office with optional accessories.

  • Ekominik reduces the use of two phones(mobile and home phone) to one phone at home or in the office
  • Without changing the existing home phone usage habits, the Ekominik plugged-in home phone is used in the same way.
  • The loudspeaker on the Ekominik provides voice orientation in situations such as installation and problem reporting
  • When the key on Ekominik pressed, calls to the fixed line and GSM line attached to Ekominik can be forwarded to another mobile number.

GSM Network:

GSM Bands GSM900 –1800 , GSM1800 – 1900
Power Output 2 W – Class 4 (850-900) , 1 W – Class 1 (1800-1900)
Receiving Sensitivity -106dBm
Voice Codec Half Rate (HR – ETS 06.20), Full Rate (FR – ETS 06.10), (EFR – ETS 60.50 / ETS 60.60 / ETS 60.80) AMR
Phone Interface:
Max Cable & Connector 200 mt. - RJ11 6/6
Line Current & Voltage 26 mA , -48 V (on-hook)
Phone, Ring Signal MF , 40Veff 25Hz
Line Impedance Empedansı 600 ohm
Charging Signal 12KHz / 16KHz ve/veya Battery Reversal
PSTN Line Interface:
Line Connector RJ11 6/6
Line Impedance Empedansı 600 ohm
USB Interface:
Standard & Application USB 1.1 , SMS, CSD ve GPRS modem, fax
Power & Mechanical:
Adapter Input 180 – 250V AC 50-60Hz
Adapter Output +5VDC 1A max.
Power Consumption 8W max
Dimensions 85x75x28 mm.
Weight 100 gr
Operation Tempeture 0 – 55 ºC